Day 3 : Island Tour at Honda Bay

Day 3 was scheduled for the Island Hoping Tour.

If you have been to Coron, the island tour in Puerto Prinsesa is different. Honda bay is around an hour away from the city proper. Our tour guide picked us up around 7am and before we reached Honda Bay port, we passed by a small store in which we can rent snorkels and goggles.

The first stop was Luli Island, because I guess it was the nearest from the port. hahahaha...

It was a nice day because it was not that sunny, and its even somewhat cloudy, so less sunburn for me. Only a few people were there when we arrived. So it was nice for us. This is the first time that I will be snorkeling, so I was pretty excited. hehehehe...Its a great place to snorkel, no waves and the water is clear.

picture picture...Luli Island...after snorkeling

The next island is the Starfish island. There is really no star fishes here. hahhahah...or we are just not fortunate enough to see one. In the middle of this island is a mangrove, were you can take pictures as well. By this time, it already rained, which lasted around 5 minutes.

That was after the rain..hirap akyatin ng batong yan...madulas!

The last island was Cowrie Island. This was the biggest and were we had our lunch. You can do several activities here, like snorkeling and they have the inflatable slide. They also have banana boat ride which is excluded from the tour fee.

Cowrie Island

Me guarding Ariels Kingdom..hahahaha

Once we were back in the city proper, it was time to buy pasalubongs. There are actually two places where you can get them, Cora and Delias, which can be found on the opposite sides of the highway (talk about competition). Both of them sells the same goods, pearls, foods, shirts, etc. There pearls should be taken into consideration. Its really cheap! Specially the South Sea Pearls, if you buy them in Manila, its really expensive. But in PP its much cheaper compared to the prices in Manila.

We head back to our hotel just in time to prepare for dinner. This is Keiths bday celebration, so we chose one of the most famous in PP, Kaluwi. Just a reminder, you will need to have a reservation just to be sure that you will be able to dine here.

Ambiance wise, its really nice. I think it is Bali inspired. You are not allowed to bring in your shoes or sandals. The menu is primarily composed for fishes and shells. The variety and choices is fewer compared to Kinabuch, and the serving is just right. But the food, like any food we have eaten, is really great.

If im not mistaken, all of their orders comes with seaweeds, veggies and carrots

You will never go wrong with fruit juices. :D

Puerto Princesa is one of the jewels that we have in the Philippines. Its really something everyone should experience at least once in their lives. Its a welcoming break from the busy life here in Manila. The friendliness of the people and the delicious food is enough for us to plan and go back :D

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