Sunday, April 20, 2014

Movie Watch: Transcendence

I really cant make my mind of this movie. The idea of the movie is great, but there is something wrong.

We all know how Johnny Depp chooses roles for his movies right? Its always different from the characters he has already played (well aside from Capt. Jack Sparrow). And his character on this movie is quite different from the others.

The idea of this movie is basically, they have uploaded the whole "function" of a brain into a computer. And it has revolved in that idea, and they called it as Transcendence.

If you are going to watch the movie, the idea of it is really great, because it will help so many people, but I think it went overboard, in a big way. They made some of the things that happened on the movie quite impossible. But dont get me wrong, I did like the movie a lot, and I do like how everyone portrayed it, but I guess it was far fetched (well at least for our time).

But not to take any thing away from the movie, it is good, and very entertaining. Its one of those movies that you have to listen carefully in order for you to understand the movie, because if you dont, you will some of the key things from the movie. 

Rating : 7/10

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Flashback Movie: The Passion of the Christ

I can still remember watching this movie when I was in college. If I was not mistaken, it was shown right after Holy Week. And it indeed left a powerful message to everyone who watched it.

I knew how the passion and death of Jesus Christ happened, but Mel Gibson, the director of this movie has made it very detailed to the point that the movie is entirely in Aramaic (you have to watch the movie with subtitles). I have to mention that this movie became very controversial at that time, that it was not almost shown here. And even after the movie was shown, it was still talked about by everyone.

The movie started with the scene at the Garden of Gethsemane. Just right before Jesus was arrested. What makes this movie interesting is the detailed description and portrayal of what happened during the Passion of Christ. The set, costumes, actors and even the setting is so detailed, that it will be hard for you not to be drawn to the movie. The actors are just exceptional, can you just imagine they are talking in a language that they do not know (well most of us doesnt know it). But they delivered it so convincingly.

One of the scenes that made me grasp and speechless was during the portrayal of the scourging at the pillar. The pain and the agony was so detailed, that you will feel the sadness and the pain as well. It will leave you speechless. I can remember closing my eyes at some parts of this movie because it was just too much to look at.

Since it is Holy week, do something that is actually related with this season. Find time to watch this movie with your family and friends.It is something that you should not miss, it will make your Lent very meaningful.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Causeway : A Chinese Restaurant that is affordably delicious

One of the favorite family restaurants that we always goes back to is Causeway. And there is a good reason why we always go back.

Aside from my family having Chinese blood, I think I am attracted to Chinese food. Not only because it taste so good, but its wide variety of taste is just incomparable. And we always go back to Causeway because its not only affordable, but its incredibly delicious. There servings vary from small, medium, and large, depending on how many you are. But I believe that their servings are bigger than it usually should (and thats another plus).

We always go to the Libis branch, though we have been to the Timog branch. The Timog branch is bigger, because it has a second floor, but the ambiance in Libis is so much better, that the family always prefer to dine there. And mind you, almost always, the Libis branch is always full (they dont accept reservation during weekends by the way). So if you are planning to dine during weekends, better come early.

One of my favorite foods here is their dimsums. In my opinion, they have the best sharksfin ever! (well which is affordable that is). Whenever we are here, I can eat 2 trays of them and have my tummy fully satisfied. And what would be a Chinese dinner without the siomai, which might I add is as equally delicious.

one of the best sharksfin i have tasted

 the siomai is as delicious as well

What do we usually eat? Its a variety of fish, pork and beef. I prefer the fish dishes because they are really good. We usually have the dimsums as an appetizer, before the main dishes.

a large plate of cold cuts...very tasty as well 

 aside from siomai and sharksfin, my mom always order these, chicken feet

and the ever famous spinach soup

And here comes the most common dishes that we usually order:

a hotpot of tofu and fish

 a medium serving of yang chow fried rice is good for at least seven

steam lapu lapu...masarap!

my fathers favorite, crispy pancit canton.

now this is my personal favorite, salt and pepper squid. simple yet delicious

Medium servings are good for at least 5-8 people. Its enough for the whole family to eat. Plus the price is affordable enough, and the food are really delicious. You really get your moneys worth.

If you are looking for affordable chinese food around the metro, then I will suggest to go for Causeway. Aside from the delicious food, and affordable price, the ambiance is simple but great, and the service crew is very attentive as well. Just a reminder, they dont accept reservations during weekends, and their car park space is small, but they manage to accommodate all of their customers. 

Food: 9/10
Crew: 7/10
Price: Affordable (200-300 per meal depending on the serving size)

Friday, April 4, 2014

Son of God

Just in time for Holy Week, another biblical story made it again to the big screens, Son of God.

This installment, brings about the whole story of Jesus, beginning from the nativity until His resurrection. It also covered His miracles, from the multiplication of the loaves, the healing of the leper, among others. His passion made 45 minutes of the movie. So you can guess that the whole movie revolves around His ministry

Something that caught my attention was His disciples. If you know the story and how it got "controversial" you will know what I mean. I did not study the bible literally, but there are somethings with this movie that is quite different from what we were told before. And I will leave that for your judgement.

After watching this movie, a friend of mine asked if it is as good as "The Passion of the Christ" that was shown years ago. My humble answer is no. The Passion of the Christ, is miles better than this one (im sorry) in terms of costume, effects, the production, and how it made you feel in general. 

But that doesnt mean that Son of God doesnt have its advantages, first of all, they speak in English, and the cast of the movie looks so east Asian descent (tamang tama para sa palabas). Acting is not that bad also. Just for reference I included here the picture of Diogo Morgado, the main actor of the movie, so you can compare how he looks like in real life. :D

Overall the movie is alright. Nothing spectacular. If you do not know the life story of Jesus Christ, then this is the movie for you. Its not comparable to the Passion of Christ, because this one is different, its the story straight from the Bible. Something that you can watch with kids. If you dont have time telling the story of Jesus Christ to kids, then this is the perfect movie for you, just in time for Holy Week.

Rating: 7/10