Saturday, September 27, 2014

Puerto Prinsesa...An Adventure like no other

Yes! Im back in Palawan...and I am already 2/3 in visiting this island paradise (El Nido na lang). And I must say that this time in Puerto Prinsesa, its one big adventure with many firsts.

This time, im with 2 of my closest friends from high school...Keith and Rhyan. It should have been four, but Angel have to back out to attend to her business. Sayang it was supposed to be the first time for all of us to have a vacation.

We booked our flight months ahead. We got the tickets through Cebu Pacific, 1800 per person, two way. Since we seldom go for a vacation, we preferred having our flight booked ahead of time. Para more time to prepare and file for vacation leaves sa office.

Looking for a hotel to stay is not that easy. Puerto Prinsesa, since it is a tourist destination has lots of hotels, ranging from cheap, to expensive. Since this is the first time for the three of us, we agreed to look for a hotel that is not cheap..and not too expensive also. And we just found the perfect one, Aziza Paradise Resort. Just look at the pictures and you will know why we chose it.

Do I need to say more? This hotel is the perfect place for us. From the lobby, the swimming pool, the facilities, they have a bar, a resto, a videoke room, a playroom for babies, a clinic, a gym, and soon i think thats a wall climbing facility. Kumpleto na talga. We stayed at their family room that is good for four. I think its 4k per person (4 persons), 3 nights, includes breakfast buffet, airport transfers and wifi. Not bad...not bad at all. You can contact them through their website

We arrive in Aziza just in time for lunch. We ate at their restaurant since we were waiting for our first tour, which is the City tour (600/person). The food was amazing! And its cheap.

That is steak, pork chop and grilled fish. Masarap lahat!

I suggest that before you go to Puerto Prinsesa, you should have already planned the tours that you will be going to. Fix them before you go, para walang hassle pag dating nyo dun. Our first tour would be the City Tour.

City tour, as the name suggests, will take you around the city of Puerto Prinsesa. I was hesitant at first to avail for this tour, because I was thinking that we can just go by ourselves. But I was wrong. It was, and it is recommended to avail for the City tour. The City tour is 600/person that includes an air-conditioned van, all of the necessary entrance fees, and will take you to at least 5 places in PP.

The first stop will be Binuatan Weaving Creations. They will show you how to make the home made weaves that they are doing locally. And they will even let you try to do something on your own.

After weaving, we went to the famous Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center or popularly known as Crocodile Farm. I was excited since its my first time to see up close crocodiles of different shapes and sizes (yes,,,shapes). The place doesn't only have crocodiles, but other wildlife as well, like bird, etc. Again the entrance fee, is already included in the payment for the city tour.
a short briefing before going inside

baby crocs...they are in the hatchery...ang dami nila...and they can jump!

this is the biggest one there. its not moving though...and notice the shinny things in his back? Piso un :)

a full scale skeleton of a crocodile. im guessing thats his skin at the back.

Right after the Crocodile Farm, we went to Bakers Hill. As the name suggests, its a Bakers house on top of a hill. As it grew, the owner added several attractions, like life size cartoon charaters, a mini park that has a view of the mountains at the back. They offer different food e.g. hopia, crinkles, pili nuts, etc. that is perfect for pasalubongs. And amazingly its cheap. One box of hopia, 10 pcs, 45 pesos only. And it taste good! Kumikitang kabuhayan kasi inside Bakers Hill is the owners house. You have to see it for yourself. :D

with Marilyn Monroe. The house at the back is I'm guessing belongs to the owner

mini garden

mini garden pic...hehehe

Mitra's Ranch is just five minutes away, from Bakers Hill. It is owned by the Mitra Family (remember Senator Ramon Mitra?) This was their vacation home. Its acres and acres of land. The house sits on top of the hill. You are allowed to enter the house (the mitras doesnt go to this place anymore) for a certain fee...parang 50 pesos ata. Well the view is breathtaking.

If my house has this view, i wouldn't leave.

The last part of the tour is vising the Church of the Immaculate Conception. Its a perfect end to a great tour. But just beside the church is a historic place. The Plaza Cuartel. The plaza was a prison camp for American and Filipino soldiers during WW2. The history of that place is both amazing and creepy at the same time.

the entrance to Plaza Cuartel

the interior of the church

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  1. Nice Donnie! Ganda ng view sa Mitra Ranch...haven't been there eh. Maybe next na opportunity to go to Palawan hehe

  2. yes..maganda ung view..nakapag El Nido ka na ba?