Sunday, December 23, 2012

Most Anticipated Movies for 2013

Movies will always be my favorite past time. And I believe that I will be busy watching movies next year just like what I did this year. Without any further delays, here are the movies that I am eagerly anticipating next year. Will provide short comments as much as possible. And will include trailers if its already available.

1. Man of Steel

Need to say more? I did like the last installment of the Superman series (but  record shows that it flopped tremendously) I believe that this version has a lot of promise into it. Not to mention that it has been greatly hyped and there is limited teasers and pictures way after the production of this movie, leaves more fans wanting for more.
2. Iron Man 3


One of the most anticipated movies ever, may it be the first or the second. The first two installments proved to be a blockbuster hit in the movie scene, and I hope that this one will also deliver. Well the last time that we saw Iron Man was in the Avengers movie and I am expecting that this will be a kickass movie.

3. Star Trek: Into Darkness

This one has been long overdue! Loved the first one and is highly waiting to watch this second installment. (The uncropped poster looks like the movie poster of the dark knight)

4. The Fast and the Furious 6

Brrrrroooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, more nitro anyone? Michelle Rodriguez is alive!

5. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

There is a reason that I didn't read any of the books, I do not want to have any ideas on what is going to happen next as I enjoyed watching the first part so much.

(no trailer as of the moment)

6. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
LOTR fans will surely wait for this one. Rumors has it that they will be making The Hobbits as a trilogy also.
(no trailer as of the moment)

7. Thor: The Dark World

(no trailer as of the moment)

8. The Wolverine

I did not see this one coming. I heard rumors about this long before but I thought it did not push through because there was no updates on it.
(no trailer as of the moment)

9. G.I. Joe Retraliation

10. Pacific Rim

I have seen the trailer just recently, its about giant robots controlled by humans more like the movie real steel, but this time the robots are bigger.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The House of Katsu - The Yabu experience

Just recently, my friends and I had our annual Christmas dinner at Yabu, Robinsons Magnolia. We decided to have it here because basically none of us has tried eating in Yabu and we have heard so much about this place. And as food addicts as we are, we have got to try it.

We arrived at the restaurant around 6pm and the place is almost full. The place is small but is not cramped. There are seats located outside to accommodate more customers. The interior is well lit. On the left side of the wall is a what I would like to call a "comic strip" wall, pertaining on how Yabu originated. It was pretty cool since its not your typical Japanese restaurant that has paper walls, etc. I enjoyed reading the comics I might add.

WE had no idea on what to eat or order, we just knew that it is a Japanese restaurant. On what type of food, we don't have the slightest idea. Well as the name suggest "Yabu - The house of Katsu" only offers katsudon or anything that is breaded. =) The menu primarily consists of different types of katsudon. I didn't know that there are several kinds! We ordered several just to have a glimpse on what the restaurant had to offer.

One thing that is new for us is the making of the sauce. Yes, you will mix your own sauce for your katsu. After we ordered our food, they gave each one of us a bowl with what I am thinking as different kinds of sesame seeds. The lady told us that we have to grind it until the seeds is in a powdery state. I enjoyed this part because it is something that we have not done before. But after several minutes I got tired of doing it. Those seeds are hard to grind! hahahaha. Once we were done grinding, we were instructed to pour 2-3 scoops of their sauce and mix it well. The combination of their sauce and the seeds was heavenly. It really taste good!

Just when we were finished with our sauce, the food came. We were surprised on how big the servings were (well with the price that they had, it should be big) Its like bento, because it is already complete. I forgot to mention that the rice and vegetable salad was refillable? yes it is! And our orders come with a fruit bowl. Its a complete meal already.

I can say that I enjoyed eating what I ordered, and same goes with my friends. But then, well for myself, realized that there is nothing special with the meals that they had. Its just it is presented in a different manner other than those that we have right now. The taste of the food is okay-ish. Nothing special. Its just right. I think what Yabu offers is the experience of eating katsu differently, other than that its an ordinary restaurant.

service: 8
food: 8

I will be posting pictures as soon as my friend tags me into it.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Eat.Seat.Watch - Breaking Dawn Part 2

Well well well...I must have to say that I did not expect this one to be this good. This last part of the series is the best one of the bunch. You will know what I mean when you watch it.

What I love with this movie is that its not a romantic movie anymore! Well someone like me who was not able to read the book (for obvious reasons), the only thing that I know was that it will be a battle for Renesme. That was the only reason that I want to watch this movie. And I glad that I did.

The confrontation between the Cullens and Friend against the Volturi was epic. It is an every inch an action packed wolves vs normal vampires vs powerful vampires kind of thing. It was really exciting to watch to the point that I was smiling while I was watching it (rarely happens when I watch a movie that is not a comedy that I smile). And more rarely is that I was making sounds like...ooohhhh...ahhhhhh...tsk...and all of those sounds, and I was holding my breath most of the time.

I also have to mention that Bella was most beautiful in this last movie. Everything matched, make up, wardrobe and her acting was much better than the previous movies (now you can see her smile a lot, and realize that she doesnt have just one facial reaction to all emotions :P). Edward on the other hand still looks the same, though aged a tiny bit. The Cullens are still the same, though Alice and Jasper look so much better that I think that they should have their own movie. hehehe

I also like the part in which all of their vampire friends are being recruited to help them against the Volturi. There are so many kinds of vampires. Vampires from the Amazons, to India to Ireland, and their are vampires that are Hippies and rockstars. And wait until you see them all in action...AMAZING!

I have mentioned that the battle part was the best one, but the highlight for me during the battle was with Alice, Bella and Dakota Fanning (forgot her character name) I love watching girls fight! hehehehe...makes the adrenalin rush higher! hehehehe

Overall, this is worth watching. The movie was so good that it was the first twilight movie that I wished was longer. They really made it a thing that this last installment is the best one, and they did not fail. For those who got tired of their love story, still can watch this one because its not any more focused on their romance. You can take my word for it. :)

Rating: 9/10

I also like the part

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Eat.Seat.Watch - Banapple

the fastest way to a mans heart is through his stomach.

i have always heard that banapple is one of the best restaurants when it comes to cakes and pies. and i was able to taste just one of their creations, which is the banofee pie and was convince back then. but never did i thought that pies and cakes was just some of their numerous delicious dishes.

if you know my family, you will know that we love to eat! as in eat and eat! and for my youngest sisters baby shower we decided to try banapple.


the design of the banapple too in katipunan (because their is a smaller banapple located in katipunan also) is like a small house, shabby and chic with its white color exterior and colorful homey design inside. the design inside has this a country home theme, it is beautifully designed. i only wish that this place could be bigger so that it can accomodate more customers. the whole resto is composed of two floors but it is very cramped.

now the food...need i to say more. because really, this was the first time that I ate in banapple. and i didnt expect that the food would be that good. ( because their reputation is with delicious cakes and pies). their servings is big enough for two, their is enough sauce for each dish, and i have to mention that their garlic rice really compliments all of the dishes that they have.

mocha fudge smoothie. their house ice tea blend is also good to try

i love this dish...breaded chicken with milkshroom sauce and bacon

this was my sisters food, i also ate this..hahahaha...i forgot the name but it is  like chicken cordon bleu

their best seller...hickory ribs

will i recommend banapple? of course! i was surprised on how good their food is. i will definitely going back to try the other dishes. and i forgot to mention that it is really really affordable (price range 100-200) per dish.

food - 10
place - 9

Friday, November 9, 2012

Eat.Seat.Watch - Buffet 101

When it comes to the ULTIMATE buffet eating, only two restaurants will come to mind...

Vikings and Buffet 101

Yes! Vikings and Buffet 101 will be on the top of the list when you ask about the Ultimate buffet experience. These restaurants, though kinda expensive, will leave you stuffing yourself more and more until you yourself will give up.

I happened to have the chance to eat in Buffet 101 together with three of my closest friends. It seems that, its what we often do, we eat to catch up with each other and to plan for the next meeting..hehehe...anyway, I was particularly excited to eat here because I want to compare what Buffet 101 has to offer that Vikings doesn't (was able to eat in Vikings SM Marikina).

Buffet 101 in Robinsons Magnolia has just been opened for about a month or two, and is only the second branch of the said restaurant (having the first in MOA). Here is my take:

the interiors of the restaurant is quite nice. food food and lots of food will be the first thing that you will see when you enter. There are two long center tables that contains everything that you want to eat, and the other table is for desserts. One thing I noticed though is that the floor is very slippery. I thought at first it was just newly waxed or something, but it was slippery the whole time we were there. Other than that, I think the place was a little small because we were all cramped up. the walk ways were quiet narrow because there where a lot of tables and there were dividers here and there. anyways lets continue with the food.

I can say that the food is really good (will be adding pictures when i have them ready ), in my opinion it far better than the ones that they have in Vikings. I love it! Though I must say, the variety and the number of dishes is greater in Vikings (you will literally get tired of walking just to see the food lined up for you in that restaurant). What I liked in Buffet 101 is that, all of their dishes is within reach. They have lots of variations American, Filipino, Italian, Japanese and Chinese food all there ready for your consumption. One good thing also is that they refill empty containers pretty fast (making sure that the food is also warm at the same time). The part where you will get the dimsums is quite cramped (not to mention that they dont have sharksfin and hakaw is another downside). But other than that, I am a satisfied customer. hehehe...

And I have mentioned before that whenever I eat in buffet restaurants, I always almost look at the dessert station first, I dont know why, but I do. The buffet station didnt fail to impress me also. Lots of varieties. Though there was a comment from one of my friend is that it didnt taste that well. ( it was the pink and green pastry, i forgot the name ). Though the desserts that I got tasted really good (crepe, a brownie, two shooters; strawberry and blueberry, a banofee tart).

Drinks, the have quite a number. Soft drinks, blue lemonade, coffee, fruit shakes, and beer, all refillable and ready to push the food that you have eaten. And they also have a yogourt machine! nice! hehehe..

Overall, our experience was really great! The question is, if Buffet 101 is better than Vikings, in my opinion, they are really close. The food in terms of taste, I'll go for Buffet 101. But for variety,selections of the dishes, ambiance and courteousness of the staff, Vikings takes the competition hands down. 

Buffet 101 - 8 out of 10
Vikings - 9 out of 10  

Here are some pictures:
sushi boat...hehehehe

dessert bar

This was my first plate

maki anyone?

the fruit station



main dishes

friends...L-R: Rhyan, Keith, Me and Angel

Friday, November 2, 2012

Eat.Seat.Watch - Paranormal Activity 4

So yeah, its a Friday night, its November 2, and I have nothing to do. So the natural thing to do for me is to watch a movie. And since I am not able to go to Gateway (its a mall) to watch a movie, I downloaded one. And in the spirit of All Souls day, for tonight's review, it will be Paranormal Activity 4. ( I believe that this movie will be shown a week from now ).

Anyways, if you have seen the first three movies, you will get familiar on how the story goes, because its basically the same during the first three movies. And its practically the same in this 4th installment. The only difference is that, it involves another set of people, practically not related to the sisters (Katie and the other one, forgot the name).

I will not reveal any of the story or the plot of this installment. I will try to be as discreet as possible.

For me, the factor that makes the installment to reach four movies is the "gulat" thing, and not so much on the story itself. (Say Yes if you agree with me..hehehe). The only thing that makes this story popular is the scenes that makes us jump from our seats while watching it. And this one has them too. And it never fails to surprise me and in times I often curse whenever there are scenes like that. Though, part 4 is less freaky than the 3rd or even the 1st one.

How come their kinect is always open?hehehehe

This movie is good for a temporary scare. Nothing special. The one thing that is different is that, the characters are already holding the cameras, it looks more like blaire witch project.

I will be giving this movie 6.5 out of 10.

Eat.Seat.Watch - Skyfall

Well how do I start this one. I have been planning to create a blog many many years ago, and I just can't seem to create one. But I finally had the time to create one. I will further introduce myself as I create blogs, I guess this will do for now.

Great, lets continue. I decided to create a blog with movies as its main topic. Basically all of my blogs will be about the movies that I have watched (that goes with the movies that I plan to watch, and the ones that I have watched before). Yes your assumption is correct, I like to watch movies...a lot. =)

For this very first blog of Eat.Seat.Watch (clap, clap, clap), I will be discussing, reacting and making comments to the newest 007 movie, Skyfall.

Skyfall is the 3rd James Bond movie into which actor Daniel Craig acts as the secret agent. This is the 23rd movie of the said franchise. (I currently have all of the 22 movies,my fathers collection, but I haven't had enough time to watch all of them). I believe that this is the best James Bond movie that has been recently released.

What does this movie different from other 007 movies that was released previously. If you are going to ask me, the answer will be brute force, a gun, and a detector. If you are going to watch the film, you will know what I mean. This movie is separated from the others just because of the sheer brute force that James bond applied in the story. If you are able to see the James Bond films into which Pierce Brosnan was the main actor, you will see that he uses complicated, super hightech devices to help in his work. But not in this one. It is pure "man vs man using his power in order to stop the enemy" kind of thing. And the only weapon that Daniel had in this movie is his gun, a rather small one, might I add. It makes the movie much more exciting.

Furthermore, the plot of the story is really good too. Though you really have to listen carefully to the conversations between the actors, because that is where you will understand what can happen next, or why this thing happened. Though my friend told me that he was expecting a lot more of actions scenes. Not like the other Bond movies into which the story is really complicated. I believe that this story is a prequel to the other James Bond movies that Pierce Brosnan did. So in short, the timeline of this movie (and all three Daniel Craig 007 movies) is before the Brosnan 007.

Now I hope I didn't reveal to much information or did I become a spoiler for everyone (because I hate that too). Just take my word for it that this movie is worth watching even though it is quite long (2 hours and 25 minutes). I do suggest that you watch it guys, especially now that its a long weekend, you will not regret watching this one.