Saturday, December 22, 2012

The House of Katsu - The Yabu experience

Just recently, my friends and I had our annual Christmas dinner at Yabu, Robinsons Magnolia. We decided to have it here because basically none of us has tried eating in Yabu and we have heard so much about this place. And as food addicts as we are, we have got to try it.

We arrived at the restaurant around 6pm and the place is almost full. The place is small but is not cramped. There are seats located outside to accommodate more customers. The interior is well lit. On the left side of the wall is a what I would like to call a "comic strip" wall, pertaining on how Yabu originated. It was pretty cool since its not your typical Japanese restaurant that has paper walls, etc. I enjoyed reading the comics I might add.

WE had no idea on what to eat or order, we just knew that it is a Japanese restaurant. On what type of food, we don't have the slightest idea. Well as the name suggest "Yabu - The house of Katsu" only offers katsudon or anything that is breaded. =) The menu primarily consists of different types of katsudon. I didn't know that there are several kinds! We ordered several just to have a glimpse on what the restaurant had to offer.

One thing that is new for us is the making of the sauce. Yes, you will mix your own sauce for your katsu. After we ordered our food, they gave each one of us a bowl with what I am thinking as different kinds of sesame seeds. The lady told us that we have to grind it until the seeds is in a powdery state. I enjoyed this part because it is something that we have not done before. But after several minutes I got tired of doing it. Those seeds are hard to grind! hahahaha. Once we were done grinding, we were instructed to pour 2-3 scoops of their sauce and mix it well. The combination of their sauce and the seeds was heavenly. It really taste good!

Just when we were finished with our sauce, the food came. We were surprised on how big the servings were (well with the price that they had, it should be big) Its like bento, because it is already complete. I forgot to mention that the rice and vegetable salad was refillable? yes it is! And our orders come with a fruit bowl. Its a complete meal already.

I can say that I enjoyed eating what I ordered, and same goes with my friends. But then, well for myself, realized that there is nothing special with the meals that they had. Its just it is presented in a different manner other than those that we have right now. The taste of the food is okay-ish. Nothing special. Its just right. I think what Yabu offers is the experience of eating katsu differently, other than that its an ordinary restaurant.

service: 8
food: 8

I will be posting pictures as soon as my friend tags me into it.

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