Friday, November 16, 2012

Eat.Seat.Watch - Breaking Dawn Part 2

Well well well...I must have to say that I did not expect this one to be this good. This last part of the series is the best one of the bunch. You will know what I mean when you watch it.

What I love with this movie is that its not a romantic movie anymore! Well someone like me who was not able to read the book (for obvious reasons), the only thing that I know was that it will be a battle for Renesme. That was the only reason that I want to watch this movie. And I glad that I did.

The confrontation between the Cullens and Friend against the Volturi was epic. It is an every inch an action packed wolves vs normal vampires vs powerful vampires kind of thing. It was really exciting to watch to the point that I was smiling while I was watching it (rarely happens when I watch a movie that is not a comedy that I smile). And more rarely is that I was making sounds like...ooohhhh...ahhhhhh...tsk...and all of those sounds, and I was holding my breath most of the time.

I also have to mention that Bella was most beautiful in this last movie. Everything matched, make up, wardrobe and her acting was much better than the previous movies (now you can see her smile a lot, and realize that she doesnt have just one facial reaction to all emotions :P). Edward on the other hand still looks the same, though aged a tiny bit. The Cullens are still the same, though Alice and Jasper look so much better that I think that they should have their own movie. hehehe

I also like the part in which all of their vampire friends are being recruited to help them against the Volturi. There are so many kinds of vampires. Vampires from the Amazons, to India to Ireland, and their are vampires that are Hippies and rockstars. And wait until you see them all in action...AMAZING!

I have mentioned that the battle part was the best one, but the highlight for me during the battle was with Alice, Bella and Dakota Fanning (forgot her character name) I love watching girls fight! hehehehe...makes the adrenalin rush higher! hehehehe

Overall, this is worth watching. The movie was so good that it was the first twilight movie that I wished was longer. They really made it a thing that this last installment is the best one, and they did not fail. For those who got tired of their love story, still can watch this one because its not any more focused on their romance. You can take my word for it. :)

Rating: 9/10

I also like the part

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