Sunday, May 18, 2014

Godzilla (2014)

Remaking a movie is one of the most "in" things to do in the movie industry now a days. And Godzilla was not spared.

What makes this installment different from its predecessors, specially the last one? One simple answer, Godzilla saved the day. Yes you heard it right, in this movie, Godzilla is a protagonist. :D (spoiler)

Well according to a close friend of mine, if you follow closely the Japanese version of Godzilla, the monster is really a savior, contrary on how he was portrayed on the last movie.

In this movie, he has two alien like monsters to defeat, who despite years of being not together, was able to mate and create eggs. I forgot to mention that the male specie originated in the Philippines. And it revolved from there on. Going from the Philippines, then to Japan and finally to America. Both monsters are attracted to radioactivity, and thats how they were able to feed and grow. And when they were about to destroy America, then cam Godzilla.

I was not a fan of the Japanese version, so when his back glowed blue and started to breathe blue fire, my eyes went OMG! hahaha...Because as we all know, well as for me, Godzilla was a big mutated lizard, but it seems its not. Now I dont know what he is...maybe a dinosaur that spews blue fire. And apparently Godzilla, only wants to be the sole monster of our planet. hahahahaha.

This movie is something different, and I think its one of the most underrated movies for this year. Its worth your time and money. And by the way, you should be watch it now because just a week after its showing, will be the new movie of Xmen, and after that will be Maleficent. So a lot of new movies to watch for.

Rating: 7/10

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