Friday, June 13, 2014

Noah (2014)

Finally, after two months of waiting, Noah, the highly anticipated movie from Russel Crowe, has made its way to Philippine cinema.

My expectations is mixed. It was high, but was curious on why it was suddenly pulled out a day before it was supposed to be shown last April. I heard different rumors about it, stating that it was not based solely on the Bible (oh oh...), and I think, that most of it was just a product of the directors imagination.

The story begins with a short background of a young Noah, how his father was killed and how his family started. i cant contest on this part, for I have forgotten how Noah really came about (its either I forgot, or it was not mentioned in the Bible), but I'm guessing that I have just forgotten it.

Then came the visions of Noah, the dreams of the floods. Thats how he got an idea that he needed to build an ark. If you can remember, it is stated that the family of Noah helped build the ark. And they are called the Watchers. They are fallen angels who turned into rocks, with flowing lava and everything. (obviously not in the Bible)

Another difference will be, how the people tried to stop Noah from creating the ark. In this version, there was like a whole army trying to stop him from building the ark. The story in the Bible, it started with few people from town who ridiculed Noah, and saying that he was insane, but they did not stop him from building it.

And last major difference would be the family of Noah. I can remember that he had three sons. All of which later married before they entered the ark. In the movie, he indeed had three, but they had no wives. Along the way of building the ark, they adopted a girl, (Ms Granger from Harry Potter) and became the love interest of Noahs first born. I think this was not in the Bible.

If you are going to base this movie from the story in the Bible, its different in many ways. Yes there was the flood, the pairing of the animals, and the story of Noah. But there were a lot of additional things that was included, that would make any person who knows the story, will have their eyebrows raised, and utter "hmmmm, thats not how I remembered it happening". A person who doesnt have any background on the story, will surely enjoy this. But for most of us who knows, it will be a movie full of questions.

No wonder it was pulled out. Just my two cents though.

7/10 just because of the changes in the story.
8/10 for the effects and how the actors portrayed their roles.

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