Day 2: Underground River

Of course, we were starving and tired, but it was worth it. Since it was Keiths birthday week, we reserved one night on our trip for him to treat us. And one of the known or famous restos there is Kinabuch (Kina Butch). And I love it!

First things first, the setting is great. Kinabuch is very easy to find, its easy to locate, its just beside the highway from the airport, or you can ask manong tricycle drivers to bring you there. I think everyone knows where it is. The place is great, it has an open air part, which I like and the inner part where you can drink till your hearts content.

What I love in Kinabuch is that the servings are BIG and the price is cheap (well compared to the prices in Manila). We ordered Sinigang which was good for four, but the serving is like good for 6 and up. The sisig (we did not order the crocodile) was really good too. The crispy pata, calamares was equally good also. I heard that the food in Puerto Princesa sa good, but I did not expect it to be this great! :D Ending busog and tulog!

exterior of kinabuch...ganda diba!

We were excited for the following day, for I can finally cross out one of the things that I want to do from my bucket list. The second day was reserved for the famous Underground River of Puerto Prinsesa....eggzoited!

The tour started early. We were picked up from the hotel around 7:30 AM. And to our surprise, the van was full with tourists. One of the things that I like about tours like meet a lot of new friends, Pinoy man o hindi. Its fun! Inside the van were 1 korean couple, and 1 Polish couple as well, the rest where Pinoys.

From Puerto Prinsesa, it will take at least 1 1/2 hour to go to the port of Sabang. I thought I will just be sleeping the whole trip because Ill get bored. But I was wrong. The view and the tour guide was great. Ang daldal nung tour guide...hahahaha..nakakatuwa sya...nagising ung diwa ko buong way.

Before we reached Sabang, we had a little adventure in Ugong Cave. I had no idea what we are going to do here. I thought its just a simple stop. But I was so wrong. Its a small village and Ugong Cave was one of their main source of income. They are offering caving and zip line. :D

 Rhyan, Keith and Me in front of Ugong Rock Adventures
The view from the top of Ugong Cave

Its called Ugong Cave, because as the name suggest, when u knock...or tap the limestome or rocks inside the cave, it produces a sound, its like echoing, umuugong. So the name Ugong Cave.

The first time they offered the caving, I thought it was just like a simple tour inside the cave. Never did I thought that we will be twisting, climbing, and spelunking inside the cave. Kala ko simpleng pasok at labas lang...ay hindi! I think we spent around an hour inside that cave. Going up and up and up! It was worth it! I will not divulge what happened inside. Ill just say that you should not miss this tour when you visit PP. 

When you reach the top of the cave, you have three options. First to go down using the normal zip line. Second, go down using the "SuperMan" zipline (head first, imagine the form of Superman when he is flying... ;D). And the third will be to go inside the cave and do it all over again. Its very tiring to go back inside the cave.. So no choice...ZIP LINE it is! hahahahaha. So thats crossing out two things from my bucket list...spelunking and zipline. :D

After that adventure, we went to Sabang Port for lunch before heading to the Underground River. The lunch they offered was buffet already, and includes deserts and drinks (again all included in the tour package). Once we were done, our group was divided into two. And off we go to the Underground River. I was so excited I was smiling all the way. The trip going there will be through a medium size boat. Throughout the boat ride, you will see beautiful limestone mountains outlining the shore (just like the ones you see in Coron).

 Ate Jen and his Korean husband

 After the boat ride, right before going to the entrance of the Underground River

Once on the shore, you will be taken to a small base before proceeding to the entrance of the cave. We were transferred to a smaller boat with a guide. 

Whats inside is nothing but amazement! Just cant describe it in words. And cant believe that we have something like that here in our country. Its a good thing that the local government of Palawan is taking good care of the place, because its really something precious and irreplaceable.

Once we got back in PP, we had another adventure in line, its the Firefly watching. In which I strongly suggest that everyone should at least see. Unfortunately I was not able to get a picture..because its so dark...and camera flashes was not allowed. But its really magical. The firefly tour includes dinner in the middle of the of the bay...then you will be transferred to a smaller boat, which you will be using to go on the mangroves where the fireflies are. They are like christmas lights :D

Day 3: Island Hoping in Honda Bay

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