Tuesday, March 25, 2014

And I am back!!! clap clap clap!!!

Its been a year since I have last created a post, and like the days that completes a year...many things have happened, I have eaten, sat, and watched movies. (very appropriate for this blog...hahahaha)

So what to expect? I will be updating this blog as often as I can, especially summer is fast approaching and that means more time to spare and create posts. What gets me excited is watching movies. There will be some blockbuster movies coming soon on the big screen e.g Captain American: The Winter Soldier, Malificent (this one im particularly excited), Noah just to name a few. Not to miss any of the old movies that I have watched, I will be posting some of the movies that made a mark on me last 2013. I will also cover up the activities that made up my 2013...spent the holy week in Vigan, went island hopping in Coron, and went back to Singapore for the third time.

Okay everything is set, so just relax as I take you to the wonderful world of movies and the sumptuous foods in the metro.

Lets Eat.Seat.Watch!

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