Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Paradise that is Coron

First Day

Alright for my first post of this year, I will take you back on my first trip down south. Yes you heard it right, my first time adventure in Palawan is in the island paradise of Coron.

Its been a long time dream of mine to go and explore Palawan. I have heard so many beautiful things about this place and I cannot contain my excitement when it finally happened.
Planning of this trip happened as early as March of 2013. I booked a flight with PAL around 800++ one way. I stayed in Coron for three days. (October 18-20). I preferred to travel during this season because I know that there will be less people, compared going there around summer time. And I was right. People is lesser during this time, that means more time to explore and savor the beauty of this place. I did not get a flight back until August, because I was still waiting for a seat sale. And luckily I got one from Cebu Pacific

my boarding pass for coron

Time to choose a place that we could stay in. My friends and I agreed, that since we seldom get a vacation leave together, we would try to get a hotel with a reasonable price. Not to cheap and not to pricey either. Just to reward ourselves and besides this is a vacation that happens not quite often. We booked our stay with Coron Westown Resort, a resort in Busuanga, 10 minutes away from the town of Coron. The resort is relatively new and is situated outside the town...more peace and quiet for us.

need for me to say more? beautiful right. That's the resort we stayed for three days. I dont even want to leave.

one of the fountains in the infinity pool 

The exterior of the resort. 

This limestone will be the one greeting you once you reach the resort.

Amazement is the right term for the resort. We got our moneys worth for this one. And hindi kami nagsisi that we booked it here. The room has all the amenities that we need. The the comfort room is really big and spacious, as in malaki talga, pwedeng lagyan ng isa pang single bed. hehehehehe. The only catch is it is outside of Coron. So we have to ride a tricycle to reach town (70 pesos per way) not bad. And their tricycles are very spacious. Not like the ones here in Q.C. Very big ung sa knila.

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