Sunday, April 20, 2014

Movie Watch: Transcendence

I really cant make my mind of this movie. The idea of the movie is great, but there is something wrong.

We all know how Johnny Depp chooses roles for his movies right? Its always different from the characters he has already played (well aside from Capt. Jack Sparrow). And his character on this movie is quite different from the others.

The idea of this movie is basically, they have uploaded the whole "function" of a brain into a computer. And it has revolved in that idea, and they called it as Transcendence.

If you are going to watch the movie, the idea of it is really great, because it will help so many people, but I think it went overboard, in a big way. They made some of the things that happened on the movie quite impossible. But dont get me wrong, I did like the movie a lot, and I do like how everyone portrayed it, but I guess it was far fetched (well at least for our time).

But not to take any thing away from the movie, it is good, and very entertaining. Its one of those movies that you have to listen carefully in order for you to understand the movie, because if you dont, you will some of the key things from the movie. 

Rating : 7/10

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