Friday, April 4, 2014

Son of God

Just in time for Holy Week, another biblical story made it again to the big screens, Son of God.

This installment, brings about the whole story of Jesus, beginning from the nativity until His resurrection. It also covered His miracles, from the multiplication of the loaves, the healing of the leper, among others. His passion made 45 minutes of the movie. So you can guess that the whole movie revolves around His ministry

Something that caught my attention was His disciples. If you know the story and how it got "controversial" you will know what I mean. I did not study the bible literally, but there are somethings with this movie that is quite different from what we were told before. And I will leave that for your judgement.

After watching this movie, a friend of mine asked if it is as good as "The Passion of the Christ" that was shown years ago. My humble answer is no. The Passion of the Christ, is miles better than this one (im sorry) in terms of costume, effects, the production, and how it made you feel in general. 

But that doesnt mean that Son of God doesnt have its advantages, first of all, they speak in English, and the cast of the movie looks so east Asian descent (tamang tama para sa palabas). Acting is not that bad also. Just for reference I included here the picture of Diogo Morgado, the main actor of the movie, so you can compare how he looks like in real life. :D

Overall the movie is alright. Nothing spectacular. If you do not know the life story of Jesus Christ, then this is the movie for you. Its not comparable to the Passion of Christ, because this one is different, its the story straight from the Bible. Something that you can watch with kids. If you dont have time telling the story of Jesus Christ to kids, then this is the perfect movie for you, just in time for Holy Week.

Rating: 7/10

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