Sunday, April 13, 2014

Flashback Movie: The Passion of the Christ

I can still remember watching this movie when I was in college. If I was not mistaken, it was shown right after Holy Week. And it indeed left a powerful message to everyone who watched it.

I knew how the passion and death of Jesus Christ happened, but Mel Gibson, the director of this movie has made it very detailed to the point that the movie is entirely in Aramaic (you have to watch the movie with subtitles). I have to mention that this movie became very controversial at that time, that it was not almost shown here. And even after the movie was shown, it was still talked about by everyone.

The movie started with the scene at the Garden of Gethsemane. Just right before Jesus was arrested. What makes this movie interesting is the detailed description and portrayal of what happened during the Passion of Christ. The set, costumes, actors and even the setting is so detailed, that it will be hard for you not to be drawn to the movie. The actors are just exceptional, can you just imagine they are talking in a language that they do not know (well most of us doesnt know it). But they delivered it so convincingly.

One of the scenes that made me grasp and speechless was during the portrayal of the scourging at the pillar. The pain and the agony was so detailed, that you will feel the sadness and the pain as well. It will leave you speechless. I can remember closing my eyes at some parts of this movie because it was just too much to look at.

Since it is Holy week, do something that is actually related with this season. Find time to watch this movie with your family and friends.It is something that you should not miss, it will make your Lent very meaningful.

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