Sunday, April 6, 2014

Causeway : A Chinese Restaurant that is affordably delicious

One of the favorite family restaurants that we always goes back to is Causeway. And there is a good reason why we always go back.

Aside from my family having Chinese blood, I think I am attracted to Chinese food. Not only because it taste so good, but its wide variety of taste is just incomparable. And we always go back to Causeway because its not only affordable, but its incredibly delicious. There servings vary from small, medium, and large, depending on how many you are. But I believe that their servings are bigger than it usually should (and thats another plus).

We always go to the Libis branch, though we have been to the Timog branch. The Timog branch is bigger, because it has a second floor, but the ambiance in Libis is so much better, that the family always prefer to dine there. And mind you, almost always, the Libis branch is always full (they dont accept reservation during weekends by the way). So if you are planning to dine during weekends, better come early.

One of my favorite foods here is their dimsums. In my opinion, they have the best sharksfin ever! (well which is affordable that is). Whenever we are here, I can eat 2 trays of them and have my tummy fully satisfied. And what would be a Chinese dinner without the siomai, which might I add is as equally delicious.

one of the best sharksfin i have tasted

 the siomai is as delicious as well

What do we usually eat? Its a variety of fish, pork and beef. I prefer the fish dishes because they are really good. We usually have the dimsums as an appetizer, before the main dishes.

a large plate of cold cuts...very tasty as well 

 aside from siomai and sharksfin, my mom always order these, chicken feet

and the ever famous spinach soup

And here comes the most common dishes that we usually order:

a hotpot of tofu and fish

 a medium serving of yang chow fried rice is good for at least seven

steam lapu lapu...masarap!

my fathers favorite, crispy pancit canton.

now this is my personal favorite, salt and pepper squid. simple yet delicious

Medium servings are good for at least 5-8 people. Its enough for the whole family to eat. Plus the price is affordable enough, and the food are really delicious. You really get your moneys worth.

If you are looking for affordable chinese food around the metro, then I will suggest to go for Causeway. Aside from the delicious food, and affordable price, the ambiance is simple but great, and the service crew is very attentive as well. Just a reminder, they dont accept reservations during weekends, and their car park space is small, but they manage to accommodate all of their customers. 

Food: 9/10
Crew: 7/10
Price: Affordable (200-300 per meal depending on the serving size)

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