Sunday, November 11, 2012

Eat.Seat.Watch - Banapple

the fastest way to a mans heart is through his stomach.

i have always heard that banapple is one of the best restaurants when it comes to cakes and pies. and i was able to taste just one of their creations, which is the banofee pie and was convince back then. but never did i thought that pies and cakes was just some of their numerous delicious dishes.

if you know my family, you will know that we love to eat! as in eat and eat! and for my youngest sisters baby shower we decided to try banapple.


the design of the banapple too in katipunan (because their is a smaller banapple located in katipunan also) is like a small house, shabby and chic with its white color exterior and colorful homey design inside. the design inside has this a country home theme, it is beautifully designed. i only wish that this place could be bigger so that it can accomodate more customers. the whole resto is composed of two floors but it is very cramped.

now the food...need i to say more. because really, this was the first time that I ate in banapple. and i didnt expect that the food would be that good. ( because their reputation is with delicious cakes and pies). their servings is big enough for two, their is enough sauce for each dish, and i have to mention that their garlic rice really compliments all of the dishes that they have.

mocha fudge smoothie. their house ice tea blend is also good to try

i love this dish...breaded chicken with milkshroom sauce and bacon

this was my sisters food, i also ate this..hahahaha...i forgot the name but it is  like chicken cordon bleu

their best seller...hickory ribs

will i recommend banapple? of course! i was surprised on how good their food is. i will definitely going back to try the other dishes. and i forgot to mention that it is really really affordable (price range 100-200) per dish.

food - 10
place - 9

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