Friday, November 9, 2012

Eat.Seat.Watch - Buffet 101

When it comes to the ULTIMATE buffet eating, only two restaurants will come to mind...

Vikings and Buffet 101

Yes! Vikings and Buffet 101 will be on the top of the list when you ask about the Ultimate buffet experience. These restaurants, though kinda expensive, will leave you stuffing yourself more and more until you yourself will give up.

I happened to have the chance to eat in Buffet 101 together with three of my closest friends. It seems that, its what we often do, we eat to catch up with each other and to plan for the next meeting..hehehe...anyway, I was particularly excited to eat here because I want to compare what Buffet 101 has to offer that Vikings doesn't (was able to eat in Vikings SM Marikina).

Buffet 101 in Robinsons Magnolia has just been opened for about a month or two, and is only the second branch of the said restaurant (having the first in MOA). Here is my take:

the interiors of the restaurant is quite nice. food food and lots of food will be the first thing that you will see when you enter. There are two long center tables that contains everything that you want to eat, and the other table is for desserts. One thing I noticed though is that the floor is very slippery. I thought at first it was just newly waxed or something, but it was slippery the whole time we were there. Other than that, I think the place was a little small because we were all cramped up. the walk ways were quiet narrow because there where a lot of tables and there were dividers here and there. anyways lets continue with the food.

I can say that the food is really good (will be adding pictures when i have them ready ), in my opinion it far better than the ones that they have in Vikings. I love it! Though I must say, the variety and the number of dishes is greater in Vikings (you will literally get tired of walking just to see the food lined up for you in that restaurant). What I liked in Buffet 101 is that, all of their dishes is within reach. They have lots of variations American, Filipino, Italian, Japanese and Chinese food all there ready for your consumption. One good thing also is that they refill empty containers pretty fast (making sure that the food is also warm at the same time). The part where you will get the dimsums is quite cramped (not to mention that they dont have sharksfin and hakaw is another downside). But other than that, I am a satisfied customer. hehehe...

And I have mentioned before that whenever I eat in buffet restaurants, I always almost look at the dessert station first, I dont know why, but I do. The buffet station didnt fail to impress me also. Lots of varieties. Though there was a comment from one of my friend is that it didnt taste that well. ( it was the pink and green pastry, i forgot the name ). Though the desserts that I got tasted really good (crepe, a brownie, two shooters; strawberry and blueberry, a banofee tart).

Drinks, the have quite a number. Soft drinks, blue lemonade, coffee, fruit shakes, and beer, all refillable and ready to push the food that you have eaten. And they also have a yogourt machine! nice! hehehe..

Overall, our experience was really great! The question is, if Buffet 101 is better than Vikings, in my opinion, they are really close. The food in terms of taste, I'll go for Buffet 101. But for variety,selections of the dishes, ambiance and courteousness of the staff, Vikings takes the competition hands down. 

Buffet 101 - 8 out of 10
Vikings - 9 out of 10  

Here are some pictures:
sushi boat...hehehehe

dessert bar

This was my first plate

maki anyone?

the fruit station



main dishes

friends...L-R: Rhyan, Keith, Me and Angel

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