Friday, November 2, 2012

Eat.Seat.Watch - Skyfall

Well how do I start this one. I have been planning to create a blog many many years ago, and I just can't seem to create one. But I finally had the time to create one. I will further introduce myself as I create blogs, I guess this will do for now.

Great, lets continue. I decided to create a blog with movies as its main topic. Basically all of my blogs will be about the movies that I have watched (that goes with the movies that I plan to watch, and the ones that I have watched before). Yes your assumption is correct, I like to watch movies...a lot. =)

For this very first blog of Eat.Seat.Watch (clap, clap, clap), I will be discussing, reacting and making comments to the newest 007 movie, Skyfall.

Skyfall is the 3rd James Bond movie into which actor Daniel Craig acts as the secret agent. This is the 23rd movie of the said franchise. (I currently have all of the 22 movies,my fathers collection, but I haven't had enough time to watch all of them). I believe that this is the best James Bond movie that has been recently released.

What does this movie different from other 007 movies that was released previously. If you are going to ask me, the answer will be brute force, a gun, and a detector. If you are going to watch the film, you will know what I mean. This movie is separated from the others just because of the sheer brute force that James bond applied in the story. If you are able to see the James Bond films into which Pierce Brosnan was the main actor, you will see that he uses complicated, super hightech devices to help in his work. But not in this one. It is pure "man vs man using his power in order to stop the enemy" kind of thing. And the only weapon that Daniel had in this movie is his gun, a rather small one, might I add. It makes the movie much more exciting.

Furthermore, the plot of the story is really good too. Though you really have to listen carefully to the conversations between the actors, because that is where you will understand what can happen next, or why this thing happened. Though my friend told me that he was expecting a lot more of actions scenes. Not like the other Bond movies into which the story is really complicated. I believe that this story is a prequel to the other James Bond movies that Pierce Brosnan did. So in short, the timeline of this movie (and all three Daniel Craig 007 movies) is before the Brosnan 007.

Now I hope I didn't reveal to much information or did I become a spoiler for everyone (because I hate that too). Just take my word for it that this movie is worth watching even though it is quite long (2 hours and 25 minutes). I do suggest that you watch it guys, especially now that its a long weekend, you will not regret watching this one.

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  1. haha eto na pala ang skyfall :) tnx!!!