Friday, November 2, 2012

Eat.Seat.Watch - Paranormal Activity 4

So yeah, its a Friday night, its November 2, and I have nothing to do. So the natural thing to do for me is to watch a movie. And since I am not able to go to Gateway (its a mall) to watch a movie, I downloaded one. And in the spirit of All Souls day, for tonight's review, it will be Paranormal Activity 4. ( I believe that this movie will be shown a week from now ).

Anyways, if you have seen the first three movies, you will get familiar on how the story goes, because its basically the same during the first three movies. And its practically the same in this 4th installment. The only difference is that, it involves another set of people, practically not related to the sisters (Katie and the other one, forgot the name).

I will not reveal any of the story or the plot of this installment. I will try to be as discreet as possible.

For me, the factor that makes the installment to reach four movies is the "gulat" thing, and not so much on the story itself. (Say Yes if you agree with me..hehehe). The only thing that makes this story popular is the scenes that makes us jump from our seats while watching it. And this one has them too. And it never fails to surprise me and in times I often curse whenever there are scenes like that. Though, part 4 is less freaky than the 3rd or even the 1st one.

How come their kinect is always open?hehehehe

This movie is good for a temporary scare. Nothing special. The one thing that is different is that, the characters are already holding the cameras, it looks more like blaire witch project.

I will be giving this movie 6.5 out of 10.


  1. yay! you're blogging na din :) how about skyfall? will watch it on Sunday :D

  2. have seen it last thursday karen...skyfall is really of the best movies in the James Bond series